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. After trying faithfully for 7 years it becomes clear this is a journey Priscilla must take. The Oh in Ohio Synopsis - Plot Summary - A woman gets a belated introduction to the joy of sex in this comedy. It was screened at several US film festivals from March to May 2006 and was released theatrically by Cyan. The Oh in Ohio (2006) - Online Shopping for. The Oh in Ohio (2006) - IMDb In Ohio, Priscilla Chase is the VP of a company that works bringing new business to Cleveland. The Oh in Ohio - Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia The Oh in Ohio is a 2006 comedy film directed by Billy Kent. She has been married for more than ten years with Jack Chase, the. Priscilla ( Parker Posey ) is a thirtysomething public-relations agent with the unenviable job. The Oh in Ohio (2006) - Rotten Tomatoes A muddled sex-comedy that feels oddly sexless, The Oh in Ohio packs in too many ideas without establishing a clear identity or objective. In truth, the smartly dressed ad. The Oh in Ohio Reviews, Ratings, Credits, and More - Metacritic Priscilla Chase (Posey), a young Cleveland woman, seems to have it all -- the perfect job, the perfect house, the perfect husband (Rudd) -- except for in bed, where. The Oh in Ohio | Trailer and Cast - Yahoo! Movies Jack struggles to help his wife Priscilla experience her first orgasm. The Oh in Ohio (2006) - IMDb Priscilla Chase is a woman who has never had an orgasm. On the surface, Priscilla Chase (Parker Posey, Superman Returns ) has it all: good job, stable marriage, attractive Cleveland abode

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